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StrongARM Overview

How do you make sure that your tubular control arms are built strong and built with accurate geometry?  RideTech StrongArms.  ... and how do you ensure that your control arms work with RideTech coil-overs and air spring assembles such as Shockwaves. Once again, the answer is StrongArms.

RideTech StrongArms are built entirely in our Jasper, Ind. factory on our state of the art Horn Machine Tool CNC tubing bender. This precision, computer-controlled machine produces extremely accurate and repeatable bends and cuts which are followed up by expert welding and durable powder coating.

With respect to geometry, StrongArms provide additional caster while keeping wheels centered within wheel arches. Ball joint seat angles are optimized to prevent binding. Built with all of the care and experience you have come to expect from RideTech, these tubular control arms are a precision engineered solution for ShockWave/Coilover installation.

When you combine the performance benefits with the elegant design of these arms, there is no question. ... StrongArms are the answer.


Square Body C10 on Test Track


StrongArms are developed by RideTech in Jasper, Ind. on real test vehicles -- not reverse engineered from OE samples. This allows us to properly address ALL fitment and performance design facets in the real world, then test StrongArm prototypes on the street and at the track.


RideTech believes that simple designs are best. Manufacturing begins on our new 4 axis CNC tubing bender that produces elegant, multi-bend tubing that would otherwise require several separately welded pieces. The result is a stronger control arm with fewer welded seams.


RideTech works closely with multiple OEM ball joint manufacturers to ensure that proper style (compression or tension) taper and specifications are utilized for each application. Proper bushings are specificed based on application and intended usage.