Complete Coil Over System for 1973-1987 C10

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Turn your 1973-1987 Chevrolet C10 pickup trucks into a true muscle truck with RideTech’s new coil over suspension kit. The complete system includes everything needed to dramatically improve the handling, ride quality and stance of your “square fender” pickup

  • Drop Spindles will induce more negative camber gain to maximize tire contact patch during cornering. It also offers a 2” pin drop which allows for the use of longer shocks creating more suspension travel.
  • Upper StrongArms feature corrected ball joint angles . The upper ball joint have been moved back to allow for additional caster setting to improve high speed stability and steering feel. Injection molded Delrin bushings with 13% Teflon are used to reduce deflection and stiction. 
  • Lower StrongArms feature a double sheer lower mount for increased strength. We have also dropped the lower shock mount to increase suspension travel and moved the lower ball joint forward to increase caster settings while keeping the wheel centered in the wheel opening. Injection molded Delrin bushings with 13% Teflon are used to reduce deflection and stiction. Also includes Cross shafts and hardware. 
  • HQ Series CoilOvers utilize an impact forged aluminum body and Monotube design to deliver excellent ride quality and handling.     They allow fine tuning of the ride quality and handling via the rebound knob, located at the top of the shock for under hood access. They come standard with a 1,000,0001 Mile Warranty.  Brackets are included witht the rear coilovers for easy attachment to the frame and to the 10/12 bolt rearend or Currie 9".  Brackets for a Moser rearend are also available.  Interested in AutoCross or Road Course Racing?  Consider the TQ Series CoilOvers.  
  • Front MucleBar Sway Bar helps reduce body roll and creates room for wider front tires. It includes the PosiLink endlinks that provide immediate engagement between the chassis and control arms.  
  • Rear Bolt-On 4-Link provide added strength to help get the power to the pavement and utilize R-Joint Technology to combine the best qualities of low friction movement, lateral stability, full range articulation, and quiet operation.

The 4-Link is a 100% bolt-on design with minimal cutting and no welding required. C-Notch brackets tie in directly with the upper crossmember, while link bar mounts use factory bolt holes in front along with factory axle pad mounting points. 


  • TQ Series Shocks- The remote reservoir triple adjustable coil-over shocks feature rebound adjustment along with dual stage (High Speed & Low Speed) compression adjustment.   High speed adjustment allows tuning for impact harshness and low speed adjustment allows tuning of cornering characteristics, perfect for use on the autocross, road course and drag strip.  Read More

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HQ Instructions (11360201_WEB_REV8_FOX_ADJUSTER_KNOB.pdf, 5,481 Kb) [Download]    [View]

TQ Instructions (11360301_WEB_REV8_FOX_ADJUSTER_KNOB.pdf, 8,356 Kb) [Download]    [View]

4 Link Instructions (11367199_rjoint_REV5.pdf, 1,729 Kb) [Download]    [View]

C-Notch Template (11367199_C_NOTCH_PRINTABLE.pdf, 454 Kb) [Download]    [View]



All RideTech shocks have a 1,000,001 mile warranty! MORE INFO

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73-87 C10 Chevy truck coil-over system

  • Do I need to remove the bed?
    • Yes, you will need to drill C notch mounting hole in the top of the oem framerail. 15 minutes, 8 bolts and 3 extra buddies is typically all it takes!
  • Do need to remove the cab?
    • Absolutely no need to remove the cab or even loosen it.
  • Do I have to use the c-notch?
    • Yes, our c-notch allows proper ride height, suspension travel, and also contains mounting locations for the coilovers, panhard bar, and other suspension components. 
  • Do I have to use the drop spindles?
    • Yes, we have designed this system to use the included drop spindles to maintain proper ride height, suspension geometry, and suspension travel.
  • Will my stock brakes work?
    • This system is compatible with the OEM brake system that uses the 1.250” thick rotor, or any aftermarket system that replaces that system. The OEM system that uses a 1.00” thick rotor is not directly compatible.
  • How wide of a tire can I fit with this kit?
    • Safe fitment – Front = 255/40-18       Rear = 275/40-18
    • Brave fitment =  careful measurements will be required
  • Do I have to cut my front inner fenders?
    • Unless you are running some extraordinary wheel/tire fitment that we have not encountered, no inner fender trimming necessary.
  • Do I have to cut my bed floor?
    • We have designed this system to be compatible with the OEM bed floor, but there will be 2 small section of bed brace trimming necessary [one on each side]. Dimensions and instructions are included with the installation guide.
  • How much horsepower can the kit handle?
    • We have not found any limitation to horsepower. 
  • Will my existing sway bars work?
    • The improved sway bar mounting design does not allow the use of the OEM bars, which are so small that they are irrelevant anyway.  We have included a much larger diameter bar that is calibrated to work with the spring rates and shock valving range included with your system.
  • Can I use my existing exhaust?
    • Since there are so many variations on exhaust configuration for these trucks [both OEM and aftermarket] it is very likely you will need to modify the tailpipes of you current exhaust.
  • Can I still tow/haul with this kit?
    • Yes, up to the original GVW of the truck.
  • How much will it lower my truck?
    • We give you a specific fender height measurement instead of a “drop” amount because we never know if you are starting with new springs, old springs, or replacement springs. By going right to the end result [which is the new fender height] we eliminate all those variables for you.  Also, you will have a small window about 1” up or down of available height adjustment.

Front fender height = 25.5” with a 255/40-18 tire    Rear fender height = 24.75” with a 275/40-18 tire

  • Will it work with a rack and pinion steering conversion?
    • We have determined that most rack and pinion kits suffer from bracket flex, rack flex, poor steering geometry, and reduced turning radius. The system from No Limit Engineering seems to resolve most of these issues, but we have not yet specifically validated it on this vehicle. For most people a good steering box seems to be the best answer.