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 Prop 65 Warning


If you are looking to slam your classic C10 with quality components while staying within a budet this system is the perfect solution.   It includes front CoolRide with HQ Series Shocks, rear CoolRide with HQ Series Shocks and the 5 Gallon Analog Compressor System.


  • The front and rear CoolRide Systems include application specific bracket that allow the air spring to be bolted in place of the coilsprings with no modifications

  • HQ Series front and rear shocks are rebound adjustable allowing them to be tuned to the ride quality and handling you want.   They are a Monotube design with an aluminum body and carry a 1,000,001 Mile Warranty

  • The included compressor system feature the 4 way RidePro valves, dual Thomas compressors, analog gauge panel, wiring harness with weather tight connectors and all necessary airlines and fittings.   Looking for something a bit more sophisticated, select the upgrade for the RidePro X control system to allow you to operate the system via the 3 Presets on the Power Port Module and any device.  


Instructions (11330198_REV1.pdf, 669 Kb) [Download]



All RideTech shocks have a 1,000,001 mile warranty! MORE INFO