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1974-1981 Camaro - TigerCage


 California Prop 65 Warning

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Pre-engineered solution for adding chassis stiffness to your muscle car

As with any “rollcage,” the main function and ultimate purpose of the TigerCage is to protect the occupants in case of a crash. However, its usefulness is more often expressed in stiffening and strengthening the car’s chassis.

The TigerCage is specifically designed to interface with the structural strength points of the oem unibody [or frame] to tie them together & increase torsional rigidity within the chassis.

The main hoop of the TigerCage connects to the area behind the front seats where the rocker boxes intersect the floorboard.

**NOTE: This TigerCage will NOT work with T-tops**

The “back bars” run from the top corners of the main hoop to the rear package tray [which is an important structural reinforcement in most cars] and is secured in both the horizontal plane and the vertical plane to optimize rigidity. The mating trunk bars join with the back bars underneath the package tray and are fastened with reinforced brackets to the rear framerail to complete the base structure.

The optional door bars connect the main hoop to the toeboard/floorboard/rockerbox/”A” pillar area at the base of the “A” pillar. The complete TigerCage structure lends a huge amount of structural rigidity to a unibody or a full frame vehicle.

Not only does this increased rigidity allow extra crash protection, it will allow the vehicles suspension to react more predictably to driver input.

Although every effort is made to optimize the crash protection benefits, please be aware that any crash protection that a TigerCage [or any other rollcage] may offer is strictly coincidental. It is impossible to guarantee any specific level of protection in a crash situation.

The Tigercage is specifically designed for each application = easy to install. It's patented clamp collar components tie the structural strength points of the car together to increase chassis rigidity. It can also be installed in a finished car in about 6 hours with common hand tools.  The brackets connect to structural strength points in the vehicle floorboard, A pillar, toeboard, rocker panel, package tray and frame rails.  It is constructed of 1.75" O.D. x .120" wall 304L stainless tubing. 

This product is built to order and will ship within 2 weeks.  Package is oversize and must be shipped via truck freight.   


Instructions (41190000.pdf, 892 Kb) [Download]    [View]

Road Race Bar Instructions (41192000.pdf, 566 Kb) [Download]    [View]

Seat Belt Bar Instructions (41193000.pdf, 260 Kb) [Download]    [View]