TRACK 1 - Ultra High Performance

Current Track 1 Offerings:

  • TQ Series Triple Adjustable Monotube Shocks with Remote Reservoirs
  • C2/C3 Corvette IRS 9" Ford Systems with HD cradle assemblies
  • Billet TruTurn Steering Systems
  • Speedtech AFX Tall forged Spindles
  • Custom Tailored, Turn-Key Suspension Systems

RideTech's Research and Development team engineers ultra high performance components for its Motorsports Program. We don't keep these parts to ourselves, however. Exclusive access to these race-winning components is available through our Track 1 Program. More than just parts, the Track 1 Program offers consultative services including pre-sale component selection, as well as setup and tuning support.  All Track 1 components are designed to help you get the most from your stock frame. Custom-tailored suspension packages are available.

Chris Smith and the race winning 48 Hour Track 1 Corvette.

The RideTech 48 Hour Track 1 Camaro: This is the most developed stock clip F-body ever built.

Track 1

Bolt-together design with extreme strength ARP fasteners allows customization of KPI, Ackermann, overall height, and ball joint tapers. Includes ZR1 /...
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COMPLETE Track 1 9” Currie IRS Rear Suspension Includes: 9” Ford IRS housing Inner stub axles Mounting crossmember and cradle Adjustable...
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Track 1 9” IRS rear suspension upgrade ONLY Intended to upgrade an existing RideTech C2/C3 rear suspension.  Includes 9” ford IRS housing, inner stub...
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COMPLETE Track 1 C2/C3 front suspension Includes: Track 1 StrongArms [4] with Howe low friction ball joints, SpeedTech Extreme Duty aluminum spindles,...
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3" Extreme Duty Chrome Moly Halfshaft for 1963-1980 Corvette.  Includes 1350 U-Joints & Mounting Flanges.  For use with Track 1 9" IRS system.   Sold as...
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TQ Series coil-overs represent the heart of RideTech's race-winning Track 1 Program. They offer hi/lo compression adjusting points as well as rebound for precise tuning and function.

Track1 Race Cars


Gone Racin': RideTech's Motorsports team can be found at the track most weekends competing in Goodguys, Optima USCA and other highly competitive street-legal events.

Instinct Electronic Shocks


The ultimate upgrade is Instinct, our electronic shock absorber system. DSC Sport's ECM gathers inputs from sensors to adjust damping in real-time. To learn more, click HERE.