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TRU TURN - Musclecar Steering Components

The TruTurn System is a combination of upgraded steering components that provide modern, high performance steering and improved front tire clearance while retaining your stock frame. Early Camaros, Novas and Mustangs have very poor front suspension geometry. Front tires lean outward during cornering and severe bumpsteer occurs during suspension movement. The stock design leaves little room to run a wide wheel because of the OEM steering arm interference. The TruTurn system resolves ALL these issues ... the tires now lean INTO the turn, the bumpsteer is UNDER .050" through 5" of suspension travel, and you now have clearance to run up to a 10" wide wheel with a 275mm tire (on a Camaro/Nova). TruTurn includes the following components: 

  1. Spindles – taller overall to improve the camber gain and a raised spindle pin to lower your car by 2" [ Click to see the difference ]

  2. Steering Arms – designed to correct bumpsteer AND allow clearance for up to a 10" wide wheel with a 5.75" backspacing.
  3. Draglink bracket – bolts onto your oem draglink to relocate the inner tierod end to minimize bumpsteer.
  4. Tie Rod Assemblies – integrates with your new steering arms and centerlink to provide a tru "no fab" bolt on steering system.

TruTurn Explained


Watch Bret Voelkel and and Chad Reynolds explain how our TruTurn System improves handling and steering response while accomodating wide wheels and tires Click HERE to watch. 

Upgraded Spindles

RideTech Spindles are a critical part of the TruTurn System. They alter the geometry of your front suspension for dramatically improved handling and steering performance.



TruTurn makes it easy to fit fat tires. Our nose-heavy muscle cars can really benefit from wider front tire contact patches.


RideTech forged spindles lower the front of your car 2" while raising upper ball joints by 1.75" to improve Camber Gain -- which keeps tires level during cornering.   


TruTurn Steering Arms make room for wide front wheels and tires. They work with our drag link (aka Center link) relocation bracket to yield .050" of bump steer across 5" of travel. 


Billet Tie Rod Adjusters work in conjunction with Heim Joints for precision steering movement that improves feel and feedback at the steering wheel.