R-Joint Rod End Granted U.S. Patent

R-Joint Rod End Granted U.S. Patent – For Immediate Release

Inventor Bret Voelkel set out to design a rod end with high articulation, extended service life and quiet operation. The result is RideTech’s new R-Joint — a design so unique, it has been granted a United States Patent. Key design features include a self-lubricating bearing cage and a spring-loaded locking mechanism that maintains constant tension. Premature wear and noise are eliminated. The unique design allows for high articulation in 3 planes with 360 degree axial rotation and 30 degrees of total lateral rotation.

R-Joint’s patented design consists of a 17-4 stainless steel housing. The polished stainless steel ball bearing is fitted within a self-lubricating cage made of a proprietary composite material called RTX10. The cage and bearing are retained by a wave spring and locking mechanism that maintains tension for long service life. R-Joint is presently available in 3/4″-16 x 5/8″ size. R-Joint XL sizes are 1.25″-12 and 1.00″-14. Weld-on versions are available as well. R-Joint rod ends are the perfect solution for high performance street cars and race cars. The patent number is 10,174,789

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rod end patent
R-Joint received United States Patent number 10,174,789
rod end heim joint
R-Joint rod end ships as shown with bearing spacers and jam nut. The body is investment cast 17-4 stainless and is available polished.

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