RidePRO-X Air Ride Leveling System Ultimate Display-Tuner

RidePRO-X, RideTech’s latest air ride leveling system, is designed to accurately measure air spring pressure and work seamlessly in the background — just like OE designs used on high-end luxury and performance cars. RidePRO-X utilizes a sophisticated pressure-based algorithm that accurately calculates spring rates with each turn of the ignition key. There is no need for a clunky hand held controller on the passenger seat. RidePRO-X takes care of the measurements transparently.  For those occasions, when you want access to numbers, RidePRO-X has the most advanced display in the aftermarket. It offers full color wireless control over your car or trucks presets and manual adjustments, as well as setup and diagnostic tools. As the above video shows, the RidePRO-X display is easy and fun to use. 


Remember that we are talking about air springs. When it comes to air ride leveling systems, pressure matters. Would you check the air pressure in your tires with a tape measure or a ruler? Of course not. The same is true for air springs. Pressure matters. That’s why luxury and performance automobiles with air ride from Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Porsche and BMW rely on pressure measurement or pressure plus height measurement. RideTech offers precise pressure measurement by way of mil-spec pressure sensors that work in conjunction with a sophisticated algorithm that measures fore/aft, side to side and cross weight pressure percentages to ensure balanced air spring inflation.

For ultra-precise pressure PLUS height measurement, upgrade your RidePro-X to RidePRO-HP specs with optional LevelPRO® height sensors. As RidePRO-X automatically detects if LevelPRO® sensors are attached, you can add them at a later date. The height sensors are useful if you have a particularly heavy or lightweight vehicle or if you simply want ultimate precision. Height only systems cannot provide the same performance or control. 


Set up and calibrate your new RIdePRO-X with our free smartphone app or, if you prefer, with a laptop. While our engineers geek out over the laptop program, most of us prefer the colorful, informative smartphone app.  It connects with your car’s RidePRO-X via bluetooth.   Once setup and calibration is complete, you can almost forget the app unless you WANT to play with it.  With “Ride Height On Start” your car or truck raises to the driving just by turning the ignition key.  A three position height selector can be stowed in your glove compartment and then plugged into your 12V power port (cigar lighter) whenever you wish to switch between stored height positions.  The same 1, 2, 3 heights can be accessed from the app. If you want to just commute to and from work each day in position 2, all it takes is your ignition key.

If you want to wow your friends, take your smartphone out of your pocket and launch the app. You can manually raise and lower your vehicle while standing next to it. Adjust one corner at a time, both front, or both rear. It’s really cool. The large numbers on the main screen indicate air spring pressure, while the rounded, tach-like bar graphs indicate height.  The diagnostic screen helps you quickly analyze the health of your air suspension system as well as resolve tech support.  If at any time you need help with setup, calibration or even downloading and installing your app, RideTech staff are happy to walk you through the process — be it over the phone or at an event on our schedule. 

As far as we’re concerned, RidePRO-X is the most advanced air suspension leveling system in the world. If you want to try before you buy, seek us out at an event. We might be able to take you for a test drive.  Also go ahead and download the smartphone app. You can download and test the program for free in “demo” mode. Once you try out the app, we think you’ll be hooked.

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One thought on “RidePRO-X Air Ride Leveling System Ultimate Display-Tuner

  1. R. Dan Dixon says:

    I have a 1966 Pontiac GTO that I had a local guy install the system a few years ago. It has worked well except for leaks when the car sits. I have made wooden blocks to keep the car from bottoming out when sitting in my garage. Strangly enough some leaks will disappear on their own? Others are a challenge to find! I am now having a problem with the left front shock not releasing air? Would this be at the shock or in the control unit (in the trunk)? I don’t see any troubleshooting info. on your site?
    Dan Dixon

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