Ridetech SEMA New Products Preview

Some big things have been happening around Ridetech ahead of the 2019 SEMA Show. You may have heard that the company has become part of the Fox Factory team. Some have asked what changes might result from the acquisition. The answer is more new products and innovation than ever. With added resources from Fox, Ridetech Engineering is developing new products for a wider range of applications including systems for newer GMT900 2007-2013 Silverado and Sierra pickups as well as classics such as 1964-1972 A-Body and 1958-1964 B-Body Chevrolets. 

Ridetech is also celebrating neo-classics such as 88-98 C1500 pickups and 89-96 C4 Corvettes. These affordable platforms respond well to upgrades. Enthusiasts are moving toward these cars and trucks because clean, rust-free examples are readily available. For most of us, performance upgrades are easier than restoration work.

Ridetech has been hard at work producing all-new Musclebar sway bars for nearly 30 fitments. Many more applications are in development. Our investment-cast bar end technology is revolutionizing the suspension tuning world by providing more positive end link engagement and improved consistency. Using the most advanced CNC tube bender in the business, Ridetech is achieving its goal of building the best fitting, most accurate sway bars in the business.

Here’s a look at just some of the new products available from Ridetech.

C4 Corvette Coilovers
Chevrolet made 358,180 C4 Corvettes. There are thousands of pampered examples for sale at affordable prices. Throughout the years, the C4 platform evolved with the best examples built between 1989 and the final year of production in 1996.  Ridetech offers a StreetGrip tuning system with shocks, sway bars and bushings as well as a complete coilover conversion system. Both systems deliver modern ride quality and handling. Your C4 Corvette, equipped with Ridetech’s coilover system will hunt late-model super cars.
88-96 Corvette Coilover Suspension
Complete Coilover System for 1989-1996 C4 Chevrolet Corvette includes HQ Series coilovers with adjustable rebound, Musclebar sway bars, delrin bushings, and conversion brackets. Learn more HERE.
C4 Corvette Shocks and Sway Bars
Ridetech’s new C4 Corvette Streetgrip tuning system includes HQ Series adjustable mono tube shocks, Musclebar sway bars, and delrin bushings.  Fits 1989-1996 Corvettes. The shocks carry an industry-exclusive million and one-mile warranty. All parts are available separately. Learn more HERE.
58-64 B-Body Suspension Lowered
With R-joints and precision CNC bent control arms, Ridetech’s 58-64 B-body coilover suspension system has been updated for improved geometry and performance. The design now features coilovers in the rear with bolt-on bracketry in place of the original kits coil springs.
Impala Coilover Suspension
Ridetech’s new and improved B-Body suspension system adds four corner adjustability with coilovers all around. Complete systems also include StrongArm A-arms control arms as well as all-new front and rear Musclebar sway bars with delrin bushing liners. You will be blown away by how well a 58-64 B-body can handle. Learn more HERE


Chevelle Trailing Arms and Sway Bar
Big news for classic A-body and G-Body GM cars. Ridetech now offers Trailing Arms with R-Joint Spherical bearings. Matching R-Joint can be pressed into factory axle housings for true bind-free movement. Complement your new trailing arms with all-new front and rear Musclebar sway bars. The rear design features clamp-on end links for adjustable bar rate. Learn more HERE
A-Body Suspension
When used in conjunction with coilovers, Ridetech’s new R-Joint-equipped trailing arms can get your Chevelle or similar A-body this low. Available as part of complete coilover suspension systems, A-body and G-body trailing arms are also sold separately for use with coil springs and traditional shocks.
Silverado 4/6 drop
2007-2013 Silverado and Sierra Streetgrip System: 4/6 drop kits are nothing new, but here is the world’s first “4/6 drop” with true front coilovers for maximum adjustability. The rear suspension features adjustable spring hangers and matching mono tube shock absorbers with rebound adjustment. Drop spindles complete the package. Learn more HERE
2007-2013 Silverado Sierra 4/6 Drop
To show off its new Streetgrip 4/6 Drop for 07-13 Silverados and Sierras, Ridetech is building a new project nicknamed “Chase Truck”. With its “Cannonball Run”  or La Carrera Panamericana vibe, it makes you want to drive across the country — day or night.



C1500 OBS Wishbone
Already a huge success, Ridetech’s new Wishbone multi-link rear suspension is part of two complete suspension systems — air ride and coilover. Either version will transform your 88-98 C1500 “OBS” pickup into a world-class performer. The Wishbone system features heavy-duty C-Notches, R-Joint rod ends and accepts either coilovers or Shockwaves.  Ridetech’s unique, bolt-on C-Notch design is significantly stronger than anything else on the market. Learn more HERE. A matching air ride conversion system is shown below. 

C1500 Air Suspension
Front air ride suspension features all-new Strong Arm A-arms, Cool Ride air springs, drop spindles, mono tube sway bars and a custom Musclebar sway bar. Learn more HERE


Sway Bar End Links and Bushings
Musclebar sway bars have revolutionized the market with new levels of dimensional accuracy and unique features. Shown left to right, Ridetech developed delrin bushing liners that eliminate stiction and related squeaks. The liners never need lubrication. Investment cast bar ends (middle) improve end link bushing engagement while clamp-on bar ends allow changes in leverage. All Ridetech sway bars are rated and tested to match specific application requirements. Learn more HERE

For details regarding the 2019 SEMA Show, click HERE.

Visit the SEMA Ridetech display: Central Hall Booth 22587

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