Setup and Calibrate RidePro-X Air Suspension Leveling System

RidePro-X Air Suspension Leveling System

Air suspension leveling technology is now easy to setup and calibrate with RidePro-X. Once the process is complete, you will enjoy the worlds best handling air ride suspension with exceptional ride quality and adjustable stance. RideTech created a software “app” that greatly simplifies the process. With colorful, easy to read graphics and helpful tools, the RidePro-X app is powerful. Visit your Android or Apple IOS “App store and download the app for free.  If you have not yet purchased RidePro-X, try out the DEMO mode.  The tech video covers RideTech’s RidePro-X pressure-based system as well as the RidePro-HP pressure plus height upgrade. RideTech engineers have worked really hard to simplify the setup and calibration process, as follows:

Setup and Calibration Overview:

Before you begin, decide if you prefer to use a smartphone or a laptop for calibration and setup.
  1. Download the smartphone App (IOS or Android) or laptop software as preferred.
  2. Connect your phone (wirelessly) or laptop (by USB cable) to RidePro-X.
  3. Once connected, hit the calibrate button.
  4. The system will calibrate itself. You will watch the vehicle raise and lower itself during calibration. TIP: Wait until your vehicle is at its full curb weight including engine trans, body work, interior, etc before calibrating.
  5. With calibration complete, set presets for positions 1, 2 and 3. TIP: When setting position 1, deflate springs until your vehicle is on its bump stops.  There is no need to drain the pressure tank. 
  6. With presets established, the last step is to “teach” the power port module which is a simple, stealthy 3 position device that plugs into a 12V power port.
That’s it. Setup and calibration are complete. Your car will automatically rise to preset 2 whenever the vehicle is started. RidePro-X is designed to work seamlessly in the background with an algorithm that accurately calculates spring pressure each time that the ignition key is turned and maintains spring pressure far better than any height-only design.  For the ultimate air ride leveling system, RidePro-HP level sensors can be added to RidePro-X for pressure plus height management.  One useful reason to add height sensors is if you have an extremely large and heavy vehicle such as a COE truck. The last segment in the video shows how to calibrate RidePro-HP level sensors in the event that they are added at a later date.  RidePro-X/HP air suspension leveling system provides the best handling and ride quality. It’s also easy to setup and calibrate.  Best of all, RidePro-X/HP works seamlessly in the background. It’s the world’s most advanced air ride leveling system.
Decide if you prefer to perform setup and calibration on your laptop or on a smartphone. A laptop, shown here, connects to RidePro-X by way of a USB cable. The laptop software can be downloaded HERE.
Once your phone or laptop is connected and calibration is complete, its time to set the three height presets. You can see the user increasing air spring pressure on the colorful app.
Adjust spring pressures to your desired ride height. A yardstick helps balance the car from side to side. Level ground is equally useful. It’s highly suggested that you perform calibration with a vehicle that is at full curb weight.
You end up with three ways to control your vehicle positions: smartphone app, power port module and your ignition key with the “Ride Height On Start” feature. To drive that point home, you can stow the smartphone in your pocket and the Power Port Module in your glove compartment and only take them out to access preset 1 at a car show or preset 3  for a steep driveway or trailer. Both tools (app and Power Port Module) are there when needed.

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