Spring Rate Calculator How To Video

Coilover spring selection is easy with the help of RideTech’s online Spring Rate Calculator. Before you get started, you’ll need to take some measurements and understand some basics.

Do you have a bolt on application?

If you’re seeking coilovers for a specific application like a Camaro, Tri-Five or C10 pickup, you may not need the Spring Rate Calculator Tool . RideTech has developed bolt-on coilover suspension systems that already includes correct rate springs.  The R&D has already been done for you.  Check out our offerings for dozens of applications HERE.

So who needs to use a Spring Rate Calculator?

  1. Custom applications like a one-off hot rod with custom chassis.
  2. An existing application (with some other company’s coilovers) that clearly has incorrect springs. For example, your current springs might be pre-loaded to the point that they are in coil-bind. Your car may suffer from an unusually high or low ride height. Your car may ride and handle poorly.
  3. Cars that participate in high performance driving events such as track days and autocross where high cornering loads present the need for higher rate springs.

With proper springs, your car or truck will ride and handle much better. If you are unhappy with your pre-existing springs, don’t settle. Watch the video, then click HERE to use the Spring Rate Calculator tool. After watching the video, if you still need help using the Spring Rate Calculator, please feel free to give us a call. We’re always glad to help.

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