StreetGRIP C10s On RideTech’s On-Site Test Track

Get modern ride and handling for your classic muscle car or truck. RideTech StreetGRIP is an engineered solution for popular muscle cars and trucks from the 50s through the 80s.



7 thoughts on “StreetGRIP C10s On RideTech’s On-Site Test Track

    • Greg Fuesler says:

      This particular truck was running 255/40-18′ (9″ Wheel) on the front and 275/40-18’s (10″ wheel) on the rear. On the backspacing, you are better off measuring directly off of your truck to make sure the wheels are going to work well with your brakes and rear end in the truck (just in case there is a difference in the track width). This kit keeps all of the StreetGrip components tucked tight. Therefore, the truck’s wheel wells and frame are the limiting factor(s) when it comes to wheel & tire size.

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