Calibration Files (.pdts)

Corvette C7corvette07/11/2016DSCBase file for C7 with stock dampers (See C7 Note Below)dl_icon
Corvette C7instinctsmall07/11/2016DSCBase file for C7 with Instinct DDA dampers (See C7 Note Below)dl_icon
Corvette C7corvette11/15/2016DSCBase file for stock dampers with Velocity tuning (See C7 Note Below)dl_icon
Corvette C7instinctsmall11/15/2016DSCBase file for Instinct dampers with Velocity tuning (See C7 Note Below)dl_icon
**C7 Notecorvette DSCGM has left a lot of performance on the table with their recommended alignment specs…the camber setting are very conservative and the rear caster spec range is way too wide.  By adjusting your C7 Corvette to these alignment specs you will see a huge improvement in grip and especially rear stability. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get the most from their new Corvette!dl_icon
Nissan GTRgtr06/08/2016DSCBase file for GTR with Bilstein dampersdl_icon
Nissan GTRinstinctsmall06/08/2016DSCBase file for GTR with Instinct dampersdl_icon
Mustang GT350ford   Coming Soon 
Mustang GT350instinctsmall   Coming Soon 
Ford Focus RSford  Coming Soon 
Ford Focus RSinstinctsmall  Coming Soon 
Camaro 1LEchevrolet  Coming Soon 
Camaro 1LEinstinctsmall  Coming Soon 
Porsche 991/981porsche7/22/2016DSCBase file for 981/991 vehicles with Bilstein dampersdl_icon
Porsche 991/981 (GT4)porsche06/02/2016DSCFor use with TPC Racing GT4 offset toe linksdl_icon
Porsche 991/981instinctsmall05/19/2016DSCCurrent 981/991 file for use with Instinct DDA dampersdl_icon
Porsche 997/987porsche10/21/2015DSCCurrent 997/987 file for use with OEM/Bilstein dampersdl_icon
Porsche 997/987porsche06/30/2016P. Dolfis2005 Porsche 997.1 C2S – RUF Supercharged Bilstein B16…dl_icon
Dodge Viperinstinctsmall05/13/2016Viper ExchangeNewest DSC file, now featuring active exhaust controldl_icon


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