ShockWaves® — New Composite Design

Shockwaves are integrated air spring and shock absorber assemblies. Originally patented in 1999, RideTech has now improved the ShockWave® design by creating a NEW EXCLUSIVE “snap-on” air spring sealing design with injection molded COMPOSITE ShockWave® components!

Advanced, High Strength Composite
Design Reduces Unsprung Weight


  • Composite material with CAD-engineered reinforcing ribs is STRONGER AND LIGHTER than billet aluminum.
  • Composite components are fully corrosion proof. 
  • Precision Monotube shock absorber cartridges deliver exceptional handling and ride quality. Available in single adjustable and triple adjustable series.
  • EXCLUSIVE patented sealing technology with new, exclusive Snap-lock design allows easy field replacement.

Stronger. Lighter. Better.

Like the space program, RideTech is always striving to make our parts stronger while saving weight. Our new high-tech composite caps are the latest example of our commitment to producing the best performing air suspension technology in the world.

Click HERE to view the entire ShockWave® line.  (We are updating our ShockWave® photos from all-aluminum to composite)