We have designed our tubular control arm kits with optimal geometry for handling and ride quality in a wide range of environments.

We take into account criterial such as castor, camber, toe, anti-dive as well as tire clearance and (of course) durability. We have included these measurements primarily to help you determine leverage / motion ratio for your application to be able to better calculate spring rate needs.

If you have more questions about our tubular control arms… please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

RideTech StrongARM Dimensions

 Ridetech Strong Arm Dimensions     
ApplicationDim "A"Dim "B"Motion Ratio
67-69 Camaro9.2515.50.597
70-81 Camaro9.37515.50.605
70-81 Camaro Track 111.8516.1750.733
78-88 G Body8.62514.50.595
82-04 S107.7514.250.544
64-72 A Body10.125150.675
63-87 C1010.9416.940.646
64-66 Mustang5.3129.50.559
67-70 Mustang5.3759.250.581
58-64 Impala7.515.2180.493
65-70 Impala9.31216.4370.567
55-57 Chevy8.9714.470.620
Mustang II8.513.3120.639
99-06 Silverado10.7515.50.694
63-82 Corvette11.515.750.730
C5 Corvette Front12.72915.9570.79861°
C5 Corvette Rear14.73617.6780.83453°