The RideTech StreetGRIP Mustang Gets Dakota Digital Gauges

You may have heard about RideTech’s latest project: a beautiful 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1.  As purchased, the car was as close to perfect as any car we have ever purchased. Even the air conditioning worked! Of course, the car needed a few tweaks. As we can’t leave well enough alone, we made some upgrades, too.  First, we upgraded the brakes to Baer Racing SS4 four-wheel discs. If you missed the install, you can read it HERE. Then we just had to swap the suspension to our latest StreetGRIP set up; we’ve got a great video of that install HERE.  With the upgrades done, it was time to de-bug the build by going through the car and addressing the various squeaks and rattles that are typical on a build that has only seen 200 miles since its restoration. The car’s only real shortcoming was its non-functioning gauges.  Quite frankly, the old 1969 gauges were never terribly useful.  RideTech has used Dakota Digital HDX gauges in many of our project vehicles; powered by a digital controller, the gauges could not be easier to install.  There is no mess of wiring to deal with, and the gauge assemblies plug directly into the controller. Follow along as we show you the install process.


The heart of the system is the HDX Control Unit. It greatly simplifies wiring. All connections are clearly marked.


Since the 1969 Mustang dash comes apart easily, swapping the gauges is a piece of cake.


Remove the old gauges from the back of the cluster.


Back in the old days, the Big Three used printed circuit boards to simplify wiring. You can also see the various bulbs and the speedo adapter.


The new Dakota Digital gauges look much more simple because they ARE more simple. Data cables run from the gauges to the HDX control unit.


The original housing gets reused. Dakota Digital built its assembly for bolt-on installation.


The new gauges are significantly brighter than the stock units. You can choose from a wide range of back light colors to suit your personal preferences.


Here’s the digital 8000 rpm tachometer with Message Center showing service interval, timer, and a lot more information. It even offers performance meters and bluetooth “app” connectivity.


Dakota Digital provides a double gauge showing oil pressure and volts in place of the stock ammeter.


Dakota Digital helped us to radically upgrade the technology of our gauges, while maintaining a largely original look.


We are running out of projects on our StreetGrip 1969 Mustang. This car is an absolute pleasure to drive. We can’t stop staring at it, either!


For more information, Visit Dakota Digital HERE


Take a look at these exceptional specs:

Analog Gauges

 ·0 -160 MPH (optional metric version 0- 260 kmh)
 ·Split scale provides resolution of a 120MPH speedometer, with a top end range of 160MPH

 ·0- 8,000 RPM

Oil Pressure
 ·0- 80 psi

Water Temperature
 ·100- 260ºF (optional metric version 40- 120ºC)

Fuel Level
 ·E, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, F

 ·9- 17 VDC

 ·12 Hr Analog Clock Movement

Digital Message Centers

Standard Displays
 ·Odometer (One time user settable, Million Mile)
 ·Dual (A/B) Trip Meter (0- 9,999.9)
 ·Clock (12 hour)
 ·Estimated Range/ Miles to Empty

Performance Meters
 ·0- 60 MPH Timer (0- 100 kmh)
 ·1/4 and 1/8 mile time
 ·1/4 and 1/8 mile end speed (trap speed)
 ·High speed recall
 ·High RPM recall

 ·Turn Signals (Left/ Right)
 ·High Beam
 ·Check Engine
 ·Parking Brake
 ·Cruise Control (On/ On & Engaged when vehicle is equipped)
 ·Gear Position (Optional GSS-2000 sensor required)
 ·4 x 4 (When vehicle is equipped)
 ·Wait to Start (When vehicle is equipped)
 ·Two Auxiliary input indicators with user-programmable labels
 ·Each analog gauge sweep contains a red LED indicator for quick notice of a warning condition (except speedometer)

Lighting Technology

 ·Over 30 user-selectable color options allow you to independently change the needle color, sweep color and digital TFT display color.

 ·Both daytime and nighttime brightness can be easily controlled through the HDX setup menu, allowing you to choose your preferred lighting intensity level, toggled by the activation of the headlight switch. If on-the-fly rotary type control is desired, the DIM-1 is a common accessory to add this functionality.

 ·With 12 factory preset color themes, you can quickly create a beautiful looking system. Or, for the ultimate in customization, choose all of the color zones yourself.

 ·Full LED backlighting provides a strikingly visual gauge package, with sharp contrast for ease of viewing both night and day. Full RBG backlighting allows you to create the specific color you want, with a unique daytime and nighttime theme if desired. Whether your goal is an OE look or something truly bold, the HDX Series lets you make that choice.

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