TigerCage – Bolt-In Roll Cage System

If you have a classic muscle car, chances are it could use a healthy dose of increased chassis stiffness and structural strength. Problem is, most solutions require some significant modifications to the car, and/or require considerable amounts of fabricating and welding skill.
Well, RideTech has a new simple solution. The new TigerCage is a completely bolt in cage that installs using key structural locations to substantially increase chassis stiffness.

The cage is constructed entirely from 304 grade stainless steel and requires absolutely no welding or fabricating. In fact it installs in a matter of hours with simple hand tools and without altering your current interior.

The strength of the TigerCage is comes from interfacing with existing vehicle strength points in multiple planes. This unique design allows the hotrodder to achieve a significant increase in chassis stiffness and performance without molesting their valuable musclecar. Sanctioning body certification is pending.

Tiger Cage bolt-in roll cage system