Track 1 Camaro Action at Goodguys Del Mar

Watch this 1970 Camaro hot rod let it all hang out at Goodguys Del Mar Nationals! The Track 1 Camaro features a stock subframe and stock floors. The advanced Track 1 suspension consists of RideTech’s new “unicradle” Bolt-On 4-Link for 1970-1981 Camaros and Firebirds, StrongArm tubular front control arms, Track 1 billet modular spindles, R-Joint rod ends and Instinct electronic adaptive shock absorbers. The shocks self-adjust in real time using a variety of sensor inputs.

Smitty’s Custom Automotive painted the bodywork with a custom mix of PPG Stealth Gray. Numerous weight saving components include carbon fiber fenders, hood, nose, doors and deck lid.  The front fenders are flared to accommodate wide 315mm B.F. Goodrich Rival S tires from Tire Rack. They are mounted to Forgeline GF3 open lug wheels. 335mm wide rear tires fit within the car’s original quarter panels.

A long list of parts from the best manufacturers in the industry produce the ultimate combination of power, braking, technology and style. The result is an aggressive hot rod that is fun to drive on the street and totally rips on track The 700 HP SDPC Raceshop LS7 provides instantaneous RIGHT NOW throttle response and freight train-like torque. With an angry exhaust note, the Track 1 Camaro is a blast to drive on the street.

We’re having a blast driving and racing the Track 1 Camaro as well as its sibling, the 48 Hour Camaro.  Both cars are street legal and competitive with the 48 Hour Camaro geared towards Grand Touring while the Track 1 Camaro is a non-stop thrill ride.

Two Camaros — One is a race car for the street while the other is a street car that races. The crowds love them both.
Dense crowds at Goodguys Del Mar made it a bit difficult to move in and out of our pt stall, but we love their enthusiasm for the sport.
Everyones definition of the term “street car” is different. For some, there is no greater thrill than driving a loud, high-powered car on the street.
If you see these two cars at an upcoming show, be sure to say hello. We will be glad to give you a tour and possibly give you a ride.

For the Track 1 Camaro build video, click HERE

For Track 1 Suspension products, click HERE

Build Partners:

SDPC Raceshop | Chevrolet Performance | MotoRad | Summit Racing Equipment | Spectre Performance | Wilwood Disc Brakes | Bowler Performance Transmissions | FORGELINE | Currie Enterprises | Vintage Air, Inc. | KICKER | Quarter Master | MillerBuilt | Holley Performance | Racepak Data | MSD Performance | BFGoodrich Tires #BFG | Mac’s Custom Tie DownsCarbon Kustoms Ltd. | Flaming River Industries | C&R Racing | Ringbrothers | Optima Batteries


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