Winning with a K5 Blazer on the track and a 1964 Impala on the street – the same, but different.

Winning is never easy. You can, however, make choices that make winning “easier”. For instance, if you decide to pursue victory at autocross events, it would typically be easier to choose a vehicle that is well suited to the task. Small, lightweight, agile sports cars are typically used for such task – and there is good reason.

However, Jason Brady and Trent Summers are “truck people”.  So when they decided to take on the competition at autocross events all across the country, they naturally chose a 1970 Chevy Blazer. To be fair, the Blazer does offer a nice short wheelbase of 104″. Unfortunately, the short wheelbase is about where the “advantages” end when you think about auto crossing a vehicle that set the standard for “utility” long before anyone thought of adding the “sport” to the SUV.

The K5Blazer team did have some tricks up their sleeve. Namely, a connection with car builder Cale Kern and, of course, they both work at Ridetech. So they set out to build what just might be the world’s fastest K5 Chevy Blazer.

Starting with a full tube chassis and complete custom suspension system, they built a purpose-tailored autocross truck capable of running with the best sports cars on the planet. Being capable, however, is not the same as being successful.

Jason Brady states in the video, “it took 4 or 5 years of doing things wrong to figure out how to do it right”.

Jason Brady K5 Blazer Autocross Win
Jason Brady – Winner of the Goodguys Ft. Worth TX Autocross 2019

The process of continually evaluating results, trying new configurations, and learning how the car and driver relate (or truck in this case) is nearly essential to a winning combination. In the video below, Jason talks about how similar the improvement process is on his daily driver Impala as it is on his race truck.

Jason Brady 1964 Chevy Impala

The key to winning is knowing what the goal is, and continual improvement until it is reached… sounds like hot rodding in a nut shell to us:


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