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The 7000 ShockWave Series


Although your specific vehicle may not be listed, we have a variety of ShockWaves that are designed to work with just about whatever setup you’re using. Whether you’re replacing your current CoilOvers, or starting a fresh build we can suit your air suspension needs.

Recommended Applications:
Solid rear axle: Rear axle weight is less than 1,500lbs. 
NOT recommended for IFS installations ... not enough load capacity

Diameter and load capacity: 4" diameter 7000 series = 780 lbs. @ 100 psi

Handling Quality Series

The Handling Quality ("HQ") Series features single adjustable shock valving. It is housed in a impact forged aluminum construction. The HQ series is available in a wide range of stroke lengths, and mounting styles to fit a large variety of applications. 


  • Completely redesigned internal design
  • Aluminum construction
  • Single adjustable shock valving
  • Available in a wide range of stroke lengths, and mounting styles to fit large variety of applications
  • Impact forged body / mono-tube design for superior ride quality and durability
  • Easy & precise valve adjustment with 24 rebound clicks


Install Instructions (21150701_composite1.pdf, 892 Kb) [Download]


All RideTech shocks have a 1,000,001 mile warranty! MORE INFO

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