We are hot rodders

every thing we do

350 South St. Charles Street
Jasper, Indiana 47546
Phone 812-481-4787
Fax 812-634-6632
e-mail: sales@ridetech.com

Ridetech started in 1996 with a vision of building a better lowered car. Using air suspension to accomplish the task, our reputation as innovators, problem solvers, and just good folks to deal with, helped us grow quickly. 

It was just what we do – we Hot Rod. To us, Hot Rodding means you can always do better and “no” is never an acceptable answer.

  • Can we make a vintage car drive, handle and perform as well as a modern super car – YES!
  • Can we make a truck ride as good as your family sedan (even with massive changes in load) – YES!
  • Can we take a car built to handle on rails and provide a smooth compliment ride – YES!

Being a Hot Rodder is more than parts and problem solving, if you are one too, then you already know what we mean. It is a lifestyle and a passion, and it is built on sharing with friends. Being a Hot Rodder means you never enter any town as a stranger, you always have fellow enthusiast to sit down with and feel at home. This is why we spend so much of our time and resources on attending events, we want to meet you and hear about your story – even if you aren’t a customer, even if you buy someone else’s product… 

Our approach to problem solving, “can-do” perspective and relationship driven business tactics have provided openings into many areas of business including agriculture, commercial transport and defense projects as well… but at the core, we remain true to who we are – we are Hot Rodders.