I’ve just completed my coilover suspension modification on a 1967 Corvette Coupe. With the offset rear trailing arms and the front ride tech spindles, complimented with the ride tech muscles bars, I now have a C2 Corvette that handles like never before!
Thank you Ride Tech!


Love the suspension package! Gave me the stance I was looking for and greatly improved the handling. Before I found the Street Grip package I was overwhelmed trying to figure out what components I needed. Street Grip gave me everything I was looking for, plus it came at an affordable price. I watched every video on YouTube, and tackled the job by myself. Thanks guys!
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Just installed this kit on my 2009 Ram and I can say it is worth every penny and more, To have an awsome ride from a lowered truck on 24s is unheard-of UNTIL NOW.... This kit rides very good and when you park and let the air out give's the 2009 Ram a whole new look.... WAY TO GO RIDETECH!!!! Look for my review on www.DodgeForum.com, the truck is call Grave Robber.
Chopped 66 coupe, drives better than new thanks to rebuilt suspension and air ride technologies. Shockwaves up front and coolride in the rear with a manual control system. flat black with 15 foot flames always turns heads, but when its dropped people just cant get enough.riding low .......forever
After 17000 miles and trying different components I had come to the conclusion I just had to accept the fact my coupe road like a 32 Ford. After bolting on my new RIDETECH coil over shocks, the soft ride has me looking forward to my next 17000 miles. I couldn’t believe the difference.
In my business of building high end muscle cars my customers demand the best from me. So I can only afford to deal with the best company's in the business. Ride Tech is at the top of the list in my book. Also, the staff at Ride Tech really know their stuff and deliver high quality products out the door in a timely manner...
RideTech provides outstanding products that gave my car a killer stance and wicked ride.
After 9 years and 1200 horsepower, RideTech suspension has never let the Chicayne down.
I have equipped multiple vehicles with RideTech suspension, I've been thrilled with every car I've used it on.
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