We build our cars to drive, handle and perform. You can’t beat RideTech ride quality and engineering.
Project g/28 was my first experience with an RideTech suspension system, and I was blown away by the performance and excellent ride quality. I'd definitely do it again.
People that ride in my car are blown away by the way it holds the road. The RideTech suspension has taken everything I can dish out.
RideTech is committed to being the best at what they do. They spend the time to develop, test, and THEN produce products that are guaranteed to fit and function as intended. The quality of their products and level of customer service says it all!
All of our high end builds and my personal projects start with only RideTech
Two words...."FREAKIN AWESOME!!" Ridetech is the leading manufacturer in air ride products.
This is my third street rod that I have built that has used the Air Over Leaf kits and I love them. When I hook my 17 foot trailer to the back of one of the Street rods, all I do is add a little air and the car is right back to ride height. The first set I used was many years ago and the informational help that I received was great. I recommend you to everyone.
Just wanted to send a couple of picture of my 53 Buick just finished with your system. Strong Arms in the front, with Triangulated 4 Link in the back - the control center sets under the rear package tray in the trunk.

I was a little concerned how this big of a car would handle with the Air Ride, but I am astounded on the solidness and control. I'm still playing with the ride height a little but it really looks cool when I drop in in the weeds at a car show.
I have a 58 Apache and this is the best suspension I could have bought and company, and it gives you a great ride and stance
This is my 1st time putting air suspension on any of the vehicles I have owned but I am very happy I went through Ridetech to get exactly what I was looking for. There customer service was also one of the best I have delt with and I will recommend Ridetech to anyone looking for air suspension.
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