Sophisticated tuning for air suspension to provide proper handling, world-class ride quality, and the perfect stance!

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Options to fit:

We offer our air suspension control systems as a pre-assembled, all-in-one module as the "AirPOD" or,  you can purchase the RidePRO E5 systems as a component kit you can install how you like.

Both paths provide the same performance and features, the AirPod can be installed  a few hours quicker, but the flexibility of mounting individual components in locations of your choosing can be advantageous in some applications. 

Advanced Simplicity

The system is VERY smart, it is always thinking about your air suspension so you don't have to. 

Preset Heights

The RidePRO E5 system is built around three height presets - the middle of which is "ride height". The system can automatically adjust to ride height every time the ignition is switched on - meaning you only need to think about your air suspension when you want to. 

You can (of course) override / change / adjust these setting anytime using the touch screen controller. 

Automatic Set-up

The RidePRO E5 system learns all it needs to know about your vehicle - all by itself.

After everything is installed, and before your drive your car or truck, you run the simple self calibration and the system learns to optimize the speed of the valves and memorizes the air pressure for your air springs.

No hassles, you get to enjoy driving.


The optional height sensors to make the RidePRO E5 even smarter!

Height sensors digitally measure your vehicles exact suspension movement and when combined with the air pressure sensors and the advanced algorithms of the RidePRO E5, the system can provide even more accurate and repeatable vehicle height adjustment.

Even when the vehicle load (or other dynamics change)
- your car or truck will sit perfect every time! 

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Sizes to fit your needs:

A light weight sports car has very different air delivery needs than a heavy duty truck.
That's okay, we have you covered no matter what your ride is. 

Brains and Your Muscle:

Do you have a car that has the muscle to do air suspension (tanks valves and plumbing) but you just want the brains to run it all? 

The RidePRO E5 controller can be purchases separately. 



For those who want to go "ol'school" but still want the very best quality components - we offer our traditional systems. They still use the same high quality Ridetech valve block and electronic solenoid valves, but full manual controls and analog gauges.  

Air Ride Suspension Control Systems

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Since 1996, RideTech, then Air Ride Technologies, has been the source for air ride suspension compressor control systems. We have helped countless hot rodders and custom truck enthusiasts to get that unmistakable “Air Ride” stance. Today RideTech is the undisputed leader in air suspension technology with its patented ShockWaves as well as adjustable monotube shocks that yield the best riding and handling air suspension imaginable.  

Controlling your air suspension is just as important as your car’s air spring and shock technology. It all works together. RideTech offers self-contained analog and digital compressor systems known as Airpods. These prewired systems are functional and easy to mount. Individual components are also available to suit your build preferences and budget.

With respect to air pressure and ride height control, you can choose either our original Analog switch and gauge design or our popular RidePRO digital controller/ECM system which offers a number of high tech features and options.

From springs and shocks, to controllers and compressors, RideTech provides comprehensive air ride suspension compressor control system solutions for the ultimate in Ride Quality, Handling, Ride Height Control and Reliability.

Air suspension compressor and leveling control systems allow you to adjust your car or truck’s height at the touch of a button. Digital and analog solutions are available including RidePRO-E5, the world’s most advanced  digital leveling system.

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