Application Specific Coilovers - Ready to bolt on

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Application-specific coilovers feature correct mounting ends and related brackets to simplify installation. RideTech determines proper stroke length and spring rate. Some application specific coilovers are designed spefically for use with RideTech suspension components such as C10 pickups and early F-Body, A-body, etc.  Other applications such as late model Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros are designed for use with stock suspension components. Be sure to read the individual description for your application. Choose HQ Series single adjustable (High Performance) or TQ Series triple adjustable with remote reservoirs (street/competition)

HQ Series — Stands for “Handling Quality” — Suitable for most high performance applications. HQ Series coilovers offer rebound adjustment to help you fine tune ride quality and handling.

TQ Series — Stands for “Track Quality” — Intended for cars and trucks that participate in competitive autocross, track days and road racing. TQ Series coilovers offer rebound adjustment, plus high and low speed compression adjustment as well as remote reservoirs.