Universal Coilovers - You measure to fit!

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A wide range of coilovers are available by stroke length and mounting type. RideTech offers coil springs in a wide variety of spring rates and lengths, as well as custom length mounts and caps. Before ordering universal coilovers, it is critical to gather important information including coilover installed length at ride height, extended length, compressed length as well as desired spring rate and mounting configuration. Key vehicle parameters include total weight, corner weights suspension motion ratios are necessary for selecting coil springs.

Click HERE for our Vehicle Weight Database. It’s a great place to start.

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RideTech Tech Support is available to help you understand and gather coilover specifications. Call (812) 481-4787 or contact us.

HQ Series — Stands for “Handling Quality” — Suitable for most high performance applications. HQ Series coilovers offer rebound adjustment to help you fine tune ride quality and handling.

TQ Series — Stands for “Track Quality” — Intended for cars and trucks that participate in competitive autocross, track days and road racing. TQ Series coilovers offer rebound adjustment, plus high and low speed compression adjustment as well as remote reservoirs.