Ridetech has upgraded the traditional notion of sway bars with the new MuscleBar™. Using precision CNC tubing benders, investment cast steel bar ends, and Delrin lined mount bushings, Ridetech can now produce sway bars with unheard of dimensional and rate accuracy…

MUSCLEbar Sway Bars

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A New Way Of Looking At Sway Bars!

• Precision CNC-Bent Tubing For accurate and repeatable fitment
• Exact Bar Rates Included with each bar – no guesses as to bar rate
• Large Inventory and Short Lead Times – no waiting for weeks or months for product
• Delrin-Lined Frame Mount Bushings allow easy and predictable rotation over the stiction of polyurethane  rubber
• Investment Cast Steel Bar Ends offer performance and appearance improvements over the traditional “beat it flat and punch a hole in it” manufacturing
• Easy-To-Install Spherical End Links With Barrel Lock Nuts