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The Ridetech Recipe

The basic components needed to equip a vehicle with air suspension have been in common use for decades, and consist of air springs, shocks, and air supply:

Air Springs

There is no mystery in air springs, but there are a multitude of options. We utilize a wide range of air springs to custom tailor a suspension to a specific vehicle.


Shocks are the brains of your suspension. Replacing a conventional coil spring with an air spring doesn’t change this. We offer several models and available upgrades to make sure your suspension is as “smart” as you need it to be.

Air Source

Air springs need air. How to supply them with it doesn’t need to be complicated, but it needs to work. We specialize in providing the most complete and dependable air supply systems in the market.

Beyond Basic

We’re hot rodders, and that means basic just won’t do. We have taken the design and function of air suspension to new levels by engineering specific components to enhance your vehicle’s performance. This is how we have enhanced the air suspension market:

Innovative Shock & Spring Design

We have invested significant resources to get the most performance from an air spring and shock combination in a wide range of applications. Our product line reflects this, and you won’t find a more advanced selection of air spring and shock combinations available anywhere.

High Tech Suspension Components

Getting the most from a suspension system means maximizing every aspect of the design. That is why we offer tubular control arms, 4-link systems, and sway bars that are specifically engineered for our air suspension packages.

Sophisticated Control Systems

We have developed advanced electronic controls to provide you with the simplest and most effective way to adjust your suspension. These systems will greatly increase your enjoyment of an air suspension.

Why use air suspension?

Ride quality

With an air suspension, you have a huge range of tuning ability for load capacity and spring rate at your fingertips… no tools or component changes needed. You can literally compress weeks of conventional spring and shock tuning into a few minutes with an air suspension that is adjustable from within the car.

Handling performance

Most air springs are very progressive: the farther you compress them, the stiffer they get. When you combine this inherent progressive spring rate with in-car adjustability, the performance potential is enormous. As with tuning ride quality as explained above, you can greatly condense the time needed to optimize the performance of your car.

Performance customization

Everyone has their own personal idea of how their car should ride and handle. With air suspension, these wishes can be accommodated with little or no changes in components. By adjusting air pressure and shock valving, you can make the same car be soft and comfortable or firm and tight…or anywhere in between. This is what we mean by “no compromise.” Drive comfortably to the track, firm up the air pressure and shock valving to go racing, readjust the pressure and valving to return home in comfort.

Aggressive Stance

This is traditionally the criteria that make all the headlines—in the weeds, frame-dragging, spark-throwing mini trucks and lowriders. In reality, these extreme applications represent a small segment of our customers. Far more typical is the person who just wants to lower their car or truck a reasonable amount for better looks without sacrificing any drivability or durability. Raising and lowering your vehicle is just a happy coincidence of an air suspension.

Three ways to choose a system

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of air suspension systems. Don’t get overwhelmed, it really isn’t complicated. You can choose your system three ways, and we’ll be happy to help you through the decision process and find the right system.

Complete Packages

One part number, one price, total solutions. We now offer multiple package levels for most popular applications to fit different customer desires and budgets. Our system packages are based on years of experience with outfitting each platform and will provide a simple solution to assembling all the right stuff in one easy step.

Front & Rear Systems

All of our bolt-on systems are available as separate front / rear / compressor kits so you can pick and choose / mix and match to fit your specific vehicle or driving style. This path also allows you to build your system as you build your car, buying only the parts you need now.

  • 1. Choose a front system
  • 2. Choose a rear system
  • 3. Choose a compressor/control system

Components for Special / Custom Applications

Thankfully the world of hot rodding is much more diverse than four or five dozen popular rides. We offer a large range of components that provide enough flexibility to fit nearly every vehicle. Unfortunately, we just can’t list every possible application in this catalog. If you drive a car that is just a bit off the beaten path, or is way out in left field, chances are very good we can get your ride on air just as easily as if it was a ’69 Camaro.

  • 1. Measure your application
  • 2. Choose from our wide range of airsprings, shocks, 4-links, and brackets to fit your needs