Four Ridetech Rides on the the NEW RidePRO E5 Air Ride Suspension Control System

You can expect the best performance from Ridetech Air Suspension Control System because we won’t settle for less. That is because we use this stuff on our own cars.

We talk to a few of our long term Ridetech employees who have been using air suspension for decades… and they have been testing out the new RidePRO E5 system for months… and we say “TESTING” we mean giving it some serious abuse!

Now you can get your hands on the new RidePRO E5 system too – and we know you’ll be happy with the experience, because we use it too and think it is awesome!

Find your RidePRO E5 System:

10 thoughts on “Four Ridetech Rides on the the NEW RidePRO E5 Air Ride Suspension Control System

  1. Justin Rodriguez says:

    Can i purchase a digital air ride suspension kit on a budget? Meaning do you have a kit i can buy the parts separately? Like. The bags.. Then the compressor.. Tank .. And so on? My car is a 06 Infiniti g35x awd sedan currently sitting on megan racing Coilovers

    • Josh@Ridetech
      Josh@Ridetech says:


      We don’t offer the struts or bags for the G35 unfortunately. However, if you find those components designed for your car, you could always use our compressor system. I would recommend looking into our Ridepro E5 system for that car, part number 30514100.


  2. Markus Kloecker says:

    Dear Gentlemans

    The new control panel is also combatible for older Ride Tec systems 2017 ? I like to by one for ride tec

    o you have an App for Smart Phone???

    Thnk you and with kind regards Markus Klöcker

    • Josh@Ridetech
      Josh@Ridetech says:


      The E5 display is not compatible with the older units unfortunately. You would need to upgrade the electronics of your system to make it work, part number 30518000 would give you everything you need. The new system also has the option for you to download a free app on your smartphone to control it via bluetooth.


  3. Jørn Stampe Hansen says:

    I have a 1947 Buick 46 Sedanete.
    I want air suspensjon for it.
    Can U please help med with what i need for this car.

    • Ridetech
      Ridetech says:

      Pre-1955 applications fall into a “street rod” style build and generally will be best served by Mustang II front conversion and a weld in 4-link. There will be custom fabrication required, but those products are proven to work in a huge range of applications.

  4. Leslie Walter Krusel says:

    I also have an early ride tech system on my 57, Likely one of your first packages 2011. Is there upgrade package available?

    • admin
      admin says:

      We have changed up a few things since then, we offer replacement 4-link bars with our new R-joint rod ends, also you can upgrade your control system to the new e5 version.

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