New Corvette Control Arms to get your C4 Vette even tighter…

c4-corvetteOur new rear control arms for the 1988-1996 Chevy Corvette are just what you need to take your C4 to the next level. We continue to be super impressed with the capabilities of the C4 platform when some high quality add-ons are placed in just the right places.

corvette rear lower control arms
The Ridetech C4 Vette lower control arm incorporates Delrin bushings and R-Joint technology.

The new Ridetech Strongarm tubular control arms round out our previously released Streetgrip or Coilover suspension systems by providing even more precise response as well as quicker reaction from the rear suspension.


corvette rear trailing arms
These Strongarm tubular trailing arms for the C4 Corvette mount under the car between the axle and the driver’s seat, making a huge improvement in how the car feels when driving.


In addition to the Delrin front control arm bushings used in both our complete systems, these rear control arms use our patented R-Joints to provide the benefits of traditional heim-joint / rod ends. Since the R-Joints also include Delrin liners, they significantly reduce NVH (noise, vibration, & harshness) when compared to the standard-old-fashioned rod-end.

These arms mount literally right behind the driver and provide a huge amount of increased feedback to driver input and car dynamics. This add-on makes driving the car at the limit much easier and therefore a more rewarding experience.

The install is simple, the results are impressive!

The way the 1988-1996 Corvette responds to our Streetgrip and Coil-over suspension systems with these control arms, it is easy to argue that the C4 Corvette is one of the best platforms in Hot Rodding today… and many folks are catching on!

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