New Suspension Tech for the Ford Falcon – Better Ride and Handling

When the Ford Falcon was released the advertisements boasted “Sport-Car agility… with a big-car ride.”

We know there are a bunch of Falcon folks who want to keep the car “original” – and in a fun way – so do we! When we set out to build the best bolt-on tubular control arms and rear 4-link for the Ford Falcon, our goal was “sports car handling and comfortable ride” – the same exact thing the original Ford designers were after… we simply did it better!

We know that “sports-car” meant something very different in 1961 than it does in 2021. To start with, 155 series tires on 13″ wheels are not gonna make the grade in this century. Our tubular “StrongArm” suspension system is built to accommodate an 18×8 wheel with a 225/40-R18 tire at both the front and rear (recommended rear backspace is 5.50”-6.00” and front backspace 5.00”-5.25”).

To handle the cornering forces and loads that tires that size can place on a car, we had to build the tubular control arms and 4 link suspension system strong… and get all the geometry right too. Now, you might think that we could slap in a Mustang system and call it all good… well, you might think that, but you would be wrong. While the Falcon shares similar architecture to the Mustang (and our system even looks very familiar for both), the unique chassis and numerous small differences caused us to start with a clean sheet for designing the Falcon suspension system.

What we ended up with is truly spectacular. You will not believe the little Ford Falcon could even drive and ride as it does with the Ridetech suspension system. It is super tight, responsive, and can take the most aggressive cornering and come back asking for more… while at the same time being compliant, smooth, quiet, and comfortable enough to go to a nice dinner with the family.

You can easily set up your Ford Falcon Ridetech Suspension system in two different “flavors” – Coil-Over or ShockWave-Air-Suspension. Both have advantages, and you can decide what works best for you. The air suspension will give you the ability to lay the car in the weeds when the desire hits you – you know if you’re that guy – however, the air suspension also gives you the ability to take the car to the local cruise by your self, or load it down with a load of your friends, and all your junk in the trunk and the air suspension will take care of leveling the car back out and still provide a great ride and handling.

On the other hand, if you want to keep things simple and avoid the extra install of the air control system, the coil-over system will be just what you’re after. Also, while coil-overs with our standard rate will deliver virtually identical ride quality to the air suspension, the springs can be swapped out for heavier rates to stiffen your ride well past what you can achieve with air suspension if you’re that guy that wants a full-kill competition level, sports-tune.

If you have trouble deciding, of course, our tech team can help you figure out if air or coil-overs are best for you. Either way, you can be sure your Ford Falcon will be the first car you want to take on every drive!

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