Octane-fueled Oasis: Barrett-Jackson 2023

Last week, Barrett-Jackson took Scottsdale by storm. For nine jam-packed days, cars of every shape, size and flavor filled Westworld’s big-top tents, parking lots and everywhere in between. And with the cars came the crowds.

Everyone wanted a piece of the action. The buyers, the sellers, the vendors and the dreamers. They all watched with wide eyes as auction history played out in that octane-fueled oasis in the Arizona desert.

Walking around the grounds, the excitement is electric. From the furthest staging tent to the center of the main stage, it’s all about the cars. Muscle meets exotic. Classic meets quirky. Nut-and-bolt restorations sit next to weathered and worn survivors. There are the air-cooled and the big V12s, cars with brute power and cars with unmatched elegance.

Oh, and don’t forget about the classic wooden boats, streamlined travel trailers and bounty of mid-century neon signs. Wherever you look, there’s something for sale.

Super Saturday Showdown

Yes, it’s all for sale. In the main tent, all eyes are on the auctioneer. He talks fast—so fast. “135, 135! Luxury! Muscle!” Whistles blow. Bidders in black folding chairs bid. The assistants yell. It’s chaos on the edge of control. Bids bounce around like a pinball game with a sugar rush, all underneath a giant American flag.

Up next is a Corvette. The bids climb. And climb. $372,000! Red, white and blue lights swivel. The gavel drops. Sold! “It’s Super Saturday!” says a smiling Craig Jackson, Chairman of Barrett-Jackson. The crowd erupts.

On Saturday night, the auction action was it its climax. Westworld filled to the brim and there were no signs of slowing down. The bids rolled on into the night, pairing classic cars with new owners around the world.

The following morning, Westworld looked a little different. The air was cool, but the cars all remained, now with “SOLD” stickers slapped to their windshields. Barrett-Jackson is an experience like none other. We’re excited to see what next year brings.

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