Optima Batteries USCA Big Win At Daytona

Team RideTech pulled off a big win in Daytona at Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car competition. We entered three cars including the Track 1 1970 Camaro and original 48 Hour 1967 Camaro in GTV (Vintage) class. Andy Voelkel made his Daytona debut in RideTech’s 2015 Z06 in GTS class.

As with all USCA events, the competition includes five categories: Road Course Time Trial, Autocross, Speed Stop, Design/Engineering and Road Tour. When the timers stopped, Chris Smith and the Track 1 Camaro dominated GTV — scoring maximum points in each category.  Even more impressive, Smitty and the Track 1 Camaro placed near the top overall against modern supercars. The “old” Camaro finished 3rd overall in D&E, 5th overall in Autocross, 5th overall in Speed Stop and 10th overall on the road course. Smitty’s best time around the big track was a 2:05 lap. For a 3300lb muscle car on street tires, that lap time absolutely flyin’! Chris Smith stated, “At Daytona, the Track 1 Camaro had enough grip to hold the bottom lane and run at the front of the pack with more aerodynamic late model sports cars. I ran five seconds faster than any other GTV car on the road course and at least ½ second faster than the nearest GTV autocross competitor. The Track 1 Camaro also dominated D&E and Speed Stop.

Bret Voelkel finished on the GTV Daytona podium in 3rd place behind RideTech customer Jim Stehlin. Bret delivered strong performances throughout the weekend. Bret Voelkel stated, “Daytona is hot and fast. If your parts work here, they will work anywhere. The 48 Hour Camaro and I won autocross here during the 2014 inaugural event. This past weekend, we finished 3rd overall. I can’t think of a better testament to the performance and reliability of our collective parts. This ‘67 Camaro is like an old friend. It’s predictable, comfortable and does everything well.”

It’s good to be back in the Winner’s Circle and on the podium.  Bret, Smitty and the RideTech Engineering department have been working tirelessly to refine our Motorsports program. It’s all coming together in a big way. We’re looking forward to our next competition at Goodguys Raleigh April 26-28. The next USCA event at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, KY June 1-2.

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Photos by Kaleb Kelley and Gary Rosier

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