Remnant’s Return: AirPod-equipped 1964 Chevy Bel Air

It doesn’t take much to turn a 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air into a corner-carving street machine. Walking around Back to the Fifties over Father’s Day weekend, Mark Marshall’s Desert Beige ’64 caught our eye. Mark is the founder of the Remnants Car Club and calls Dayton, Minnesota, home.

Less is more on this ’64. Starting with a clean stocker built at the Janesville, Wisconsin, assembly plant, Mark spent about three months transforming it into the cruiser you see here. As a nod to GM’s iconic ’60s styling, he kept the body original and retained all of the trim.

The same goes from the interior, which was cleaned up and put back into service. For the engine, he opted for a late-model Chevy complete with script valve covers and matte black detailing throughout.

On this ’64, the real impact comes from the stance. Airbags on all four corners bring the car down to earth, and a Ridetech control system and a trunk-mounted AirPod allow Mark to drive it everywhere.

Whether it’s at ride height or slammed down for the show, Mark’s Bel Air is impossible to miss.

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