Superfast Matt’s Tesla-powered Jaguar – On Air!

Photo from Matt’s Air Suspension Video

Matt Brown, best known as Superfast Matt, just installed Ridetech Shockwaves on his Tesla-powered 1950 Jaguar Mark V. His what? That’s right. The sky’s the limit when it comes to building a custom car on air, and Matt used our system to get his one-of-a-kind machine sitting lower while also making it more drivable.

Regardless of what he’s building, Matt thinks outside of the box. Best of all, he creates entertaining-yet-informative videos showing his projects from start to finish. If you’re looking for more of Matt’s motorized madness, head over to his YouTube channel here.

Photo from Matt’s Air Suspension Video
Graphic from Matt’s Air Suspension Video

In his latest video, he dives into the Shockwave installation process and shares how he set up the RidePro E5 control system.

Photo from Matt’s Air Suspension Video

Originally powered by a 3.5L inline six, Matt swapped in a Tesla Model 3 rear-drive unit and never looked back. The current combination gives the car around 300 horsepower.

Photo from Matt’s Air Suspension Video

We’ve enjoyed his Jaguar series thus far, and we were excited to see him get his system dialed in. Check it out for yourself below!

A special thank you to Superfast Matt for running our Shockwaves and E5 controller on his Tesla powered Jaguar. If you’re looking to put your latest project on air, check out our complete lineup here.

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