Upgrade your C2 & C3 Corvette Suspension with Ridetech StreetGrip

The Ridetech StreetGrip system has been designed to upgrade your C2 / C3 Corvette suspension and dramatically increase ride quality and handling. The StreetGrip system utilizes the original factory GM control arms, steering components and brakes. This makes it a great choice for someone who wants to retain the originality of the car AND enjoy the driving experience. 

We love Corvettes. That is why we offer so many options for upgrading them. The Ridetech Corvette StreetGrip system is a more simple system when compared to our full coil-over conversion for the C2 and C3 Corvettes. It provides a great alternative for the driver who wants substantial improvements in ride and handling with minimal modification to the vehicle – and a lower price too.

What is in the Corvette StreetGrip Suspension kit:

The C3 / C3 Ridetech StreetGrip suspension is a complete package to improve your 1963 to 1979 Chevy Corvette.

The Ridetech adjustable aluminum shocks are the brains of the Corvette StreetGrip suspension. These shocks feature Fox-monotube-technology, specifically valved for street performance – which means great ride and superb handling. The easy to use adjustor makes tuning the shock to your driving style quick and simple. We suggest starting off with the adjustor near the middle of the range – and tune for more stiffness or softer ride from there.

The StreetGrip delrin bushings are a critical part of the suspension transformation. They never need greased because they are infused with teflon to provide years of squeak free performance – and no maintenance!

The solidity of these bushings dramatically increases the crispness of the handling while the smooth rotation means they actually provide a better ride. They are the key to maximizing the affect of the high quality shocks and springs of the StreetGrip system. 

The front suspension also gets new high quality Hyperco dual rate springs. These springs provide a softer rate for the first few inches of travel to soak up road imperfections, but transition to a stiffer spring rate for roll resistance and sharp cornering. 

The StreetGrip front springs will provide a slightly lowered stance for your Corvette. If you would like to keep your original factory ride height we sell an optional spring spacer that will get you back to original height without any negative ride effects. 

Sway bars have become much more important on modern road cars than they were in the 60’s and 70’s. When looking at the tire sizes and potential cornering forces generated on the original C2 / C3 Corvettes, it is easy to see why the stock say bar is so deficient.

Completing the front end, the original sway bar is replaced with a larger Ridetech Sway Bar. Substantially larger and stiffer than the original, it is also equipped with cast steel ends that provide improved precision in the manufacturing process – this means we can deliver more accurate rate and control. The high quality Ridetech end links also provide more response for quicker turning and more steering feel. Delrin lined sway bar mounts allow the bar to rotate freely to enhance handling and quite / squeak free motion.  

In the rear suspension of the Corvette, the Ridetech StreetGrip system replaces the rear leaf spring with a Hyperco composite leaf spring. This new spring saves 30 pounds of unsprung weight while providing a much more linear spring rate. It bolts right in place of the original spring and we include spacers that provide adjustment of the rear height. 

Driving Experience

The driving experience of the Ridetech C2 / C3 Corvette StreetGrip kit is comfortable, smooth, responsive and fun! With these improvements, you won’t want to leave it in the garage because your family sedan offers better road manners.

Taking the old harsh, sloppy suspension from your Corvette and replacing it with modern high tech materials designed to work with modern tires, roads and speeds means you will look to your classic Corvette as a real “driver”.

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